Departmental Software Repairs

Departmental/University Owned Software Repair

Technical Services no longer offers software repairs. Instead we suggest you contact your local IT support for assistance. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine whether a problem is due to software or hardware. Members of the University community who suspect a software problem are encouraged to check with the IT Help Desk or their local IT support staff about the nature of the problem before bringing their equipment to IT Technical Services. Fees may still apply if you contact the Help Desk depending on the level of service the request requires.

Here is a list of departments that have their own contact sites sites:

Arts and Science IT
Medicine ITU

If you are unsure who your IT Unit Support is please contact IT Tech Services or Technical Services as we can assist you in finding out this information.

NOTES: Please note that manufacturer warranties cover faults in original hardware only. Customer initiated software issues are not covered by manufacturer warranties. Software issues that are not covered under manufacturer warranty include but are not limted to data recovery, data back up, operating system reinstalls, data transfer, corrupted files..

If you have questions about your particular product(s), please Contact IT Tech Services.