Departmental Hardware Repairs

Departmental/University Owned Hardware Repair

NOTES: Manufacturer warranties cover faults in original hardware only.

Warranty hard drive replacements do not include the labour to install or replace Operating Systems. It is extremely important that Operating System software is supplied when dropping off the unit or that the end user create recovery media before submitting the unit for repair.

Technical Services no longer has technicians on Campus. Instead we work with a variety of service providers to facilitate your repair. We only offer this service for hardware purchased from IT Acquisitions.

We provide service facilitation for the following brands:

When you submit your computer for repair you are encouraged to have as much information as possible about the equipment and the problem at hand such as:

  • The Make/Model of the equipment in question.
  • The Warranty status
  • Password for the computer (if this has a local admin or is on the domain we will need an admin user account made to have access to the unit)
  • Needed CFOAPAL
  • The Warranty status
  • A description of the problem (error codes, images or video)
  • If your data has been backed up or not (it is strongly suggested you back up any important data from the computer before dropping it off as we are unable to guarantee that your data will not be wiped)

Customer initiated hardware additions and software issues are not covered by manufacturer warranties. A part must be diagnosed as defective and be replaced by an authorized technician in order for it to be covered under a manufacturer warranty. Having work done by a non-authorized technician will void your warranty.

Sometimes, it can be hard to determine whether a problem is due to software or hardware. When the outcome turns out to be software, then the time spent on both the diagnoses and repair is chargeable time. If the issue turns out to be a software we will contact you to make you aware of this and of any charges that will be applied.

If you are unable to provide us with admin account we will be unable to take in the computer for repair. The technician needs this access to perform diagnostics and run tests. Our service provider protects customer confidential data by binding employees to a non-disclosure and confidentiality clause as part of their employee contract. If you have further concerns or questions about confidentality please email Tech Services.

Issues not covered under warranty include but are not limited to:

  • Accidental Damage (damage called by a drop or spill for example)
  • Data Backup
  • Operating System Reinstalls
  • Any End User Damage to the equipment such as drops, spills, excessive tension on adapters
  • Data Recovery (you can find information on data recovery here)
  • Data Transfer
  • Corrupted Files

Manufacturers offer a limited warranty with the purchase of their equipment. The length of standard consumer warranties can vary from 90 days to three years. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties at additional cost. Additional warranty can sometimes be purchased even after the original sale is complete. It is important for consumers to be aware of the content of the warranty and what it entitles. If you are unsure of your warranty or are interested in purchasing post warranty services please contact Tech Services.

Members of the University community who suspect a software problem are encouraged to check with the IT Help Desk or their local IT support staff about the nature of the problem before bringing their equipment to IT Tech Services. Fees may still apply if you contact the Help Desk depending on the level of service the request requires.

IT also facilitates non-warranty, best-effort repair work (subject to part availability). If you have questions about your particular product(s), please email Tech Services.

NOTES: All non-warranty repairs are subject to a one time diagnostic fee starting at $69.75.

To arrange service just walk into the store with the computer and we will set up the work order at the service desk. To expediete this service you can fill out the following form and email them or fax them in before dropping off your unit:

NOTES: We require you to provide a CFOAPAL when taking in all computers for repair whether or not the computer is in or out of warranty. This is because if the issue is caused by accidental damage or software there will be a charge for diagnostic fees. No charges will be made without first contacting the end user and getting approval for the charges.

In addition, we also require the password for the computer (if this has a local admin or is on the domain we will need an admin user account made to have access to the unit).

Unfortunately we do not provide service for servers. Please contact IT Tech Services to discuss your particular installation. If help cannot be provided, you will be pointed in the right direction.

If you have questions please email Tech Services or call 306-966-4806.

A price quote will be provided by IT Acquisitions. It is best to email your request in, along with any manufacturer part numbers or serial numbers of the product(s) you are looking to upgrade.