SPSS Personal Licensing

What Is SPSS?

IBM SPSS Student GradPack v25 is a single-user license that provides affordable access to statistical analysis, modeling and survey research tools. SPSS Statistics is loaded with powerful analytic techniques and time-saving capabilities to help you quickly and easily find new insights in your data.

For more information about SPSS, please click here.

Want To Purchase SPSS 25 Grad Pack?

The SPSS Grad Pack v25 is a 6 or 12 month license that is for student use only and may only be installed on students' personal computers (or a laptop given to the student by the University). It can not be placed on the University's housed computers.

If you want to purchase a SPSS license for your personal computer, just simply then follow these easy steps;

  1. Go to and log onto usask.onthehub.com using your PAWS account login credentials
  2. Go under the category; Other SoftwareIMB SPSS
Description Rental Price
Statistics Base GradPack 26 6 Month For Price
Statistics Base GradPack 26 12 Month For Price
Statistics Standard GradPack 26 6 Month For Price
Statistics Standard GradPack 26 12 Month For Price
Statistics Premium GradPack 26 12 Month For Price

Java Installation Required:

  • The latest version of JAVA is required for all Windows & Mac Operating Systems.
  • All System Updates must be completed prior to installation.

Please find below a list of many of the labs set up for SPSS use. Please be aware that some labs may be restricted to their students only. Also some locations may be listed more than once depending on category:

Department Room Numbers Building
Agriculture 2B15, 3D67, 3D81, 3D85, 5C73 Agriculture
Arts & Science 31, 41, 140 Arts
212, 213 Biology
6 Pysics
132 Thorvaldson
ASC Lounge 110 Marquis Hall
Education 1037, 3126, 3134, 3139 Education
Edwards School of Business 43, 44, 142, 241 Edwards School of Business
GSA Commons 1337 College Drive
ISC Lounge 56 McLean Hall
Health Science A203 Health Science Building
Language Centre Lab
Language Centre Classrooms
Language Centre
350 Williams
Law Student Lounge Law
Learning Coms - Education
Health Sciences
McLean Hall
Murray Library
Natural Science
Vet Med
Library Student Lab Murarry Library
Pharmacy 112 Lab Health Science Building
Si Training Lab -
Student Employment & Career Centre - -