Microsoft Non-Campus Agreement Licensing

Non Campus Agreement Purchases

Departmental Microsoft Select licenses below require a CFOAPAL to order, and these are non-refundable once ordered. In addition to the license you will need media to install the software. Media can be purchased from the store for $20.00 per disk.

If a price or product is not listed for the product that you would like, please contact us.


10 In Stock


Microsoft Office ProPlus 2019 Select Lic
PART: 79P-05747
10 In Stock


Microsoft Office MAC 2019 Select Lic
PART: 3YF-00667
9 In Stock


Microsoft Visio Std 2019 Select Lic
PART: D86-05886
10 In Stock


Microsoft Visio Pro 2019 Select Lic
PART: D87-07517
10 In Stock


Microsoft Project Std 2019 Select Lic
PART: 076-05847
10 In Stock


Microsoft ProjectPro 2019 Select Lic&CAL
PART: H30-05848
100 In Stock


Win 10 Pro Upg Select License
PART: FQC-09552
1 In Stock


Office 2016 Pro Plus Select License
PART: 79P-05583