Campus Agreement List

Selected List: Only a number of selected people are elgiable. If you are wondering if your apart are selected member, please contact us for futher information.

Windows Only: Software can only run with the Windows operating system installed.

Office and Windows Agreement Covers Specs:

  • Office 2016 Pro Plus: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access

  • Office Mac 2016 Standard:Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and OneNote

  • Previous Editions of Office:Office 2013 for Windows and Office 2011 for Mac

  • Windows 7/8/10 Upgrades: Coverage allows upgrade to these operating systems from an existing, valid Windows operating system. Also includes upgrading to editions of the same version (i.e. Windows 10 Home or Pro to Education).

    Please see this link for differences between each edition and in-place upgrade elligibility:

  • Windows Downgrade Rights: Coverage includes downgrading an existing Windows installation to a previous version (downgrade to Windows 7/8 Enterprise)

  • Virtualization Rights: Virtualization includes coverage to install Windows on a computer without uninstalling the host operating system (i.e. Installation of Windows in Bootcamp/Fusion/Parallels/Workstation)

  • Core CAL Suite: Windows Server, Sharepoint/Exchange Server Standard CAL, System Centre Config/Manage/Endpoint, Skype for Business Server Standard CAL) Standard Server

Media can be purchased from the store for $20.00 per disk.

Department Windows/Office Project Visio
Agriculture and Bioresources
Arts and Science
Canadian Light Source
College of Medicine
Edwards School of Business
Faculty Association
Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS)
Global Institute for Water Security (GIWS)
Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR)
Huskie Athletics
Institutional Planning and Assessment (IPA)
Language Centre (VP Teaching & Learning)
Native Law
Office of the Vice-Provost Health
People and Resources
Pharmacy and Nutrition
President's Office
Provost's Office
Services (Culinary, Grounds and Custodial)
Services (Rest Of All)
School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS)
School of Public Policy
School of Public Health
Strategic Program Office
Structural Sciences
Sylvia Fedoriuk CCNI
University Relations (UR)
University Secretary
Veterinary Medicine
VIDO - InterVac
VP Faculty Relations
VP Finance and Resources
VP Indigenous Engagement/td>
VPR - Innovation Enterprise - VP Office
VPR - Research Service and Ethics
VPR - Strategic Research Services
VPR - Vice President Office
VPR - International Office
VPTL - Si!


The Microsoft Campus Agreement is a yearly contract that your department or college has signed, which gives you the right to use specific titles of Microsoft software as detailed here.

The Campus Agreement is available from July 1st to June 30th each year. It must be re-signed and purchased every year by your college or department in order for you to continue to use the software and receive upgrades. The agreement also includes any upgrades that occur with these software titles within the contract period.

If your college or department does not re-sign and purchase, all software acquired through the Campus Agreement would have to be uninstalled unless a buyout option is chosen.

Staff and faculty of the colleges or departments on the Campus Agreement page are entitled to use the software. Please note that some departments license only a certain number of faculty and staff, so not all employees may be eligible. This software can be loaded onto all computers owned and operated by participating colleges or departments (i.e. computers in labs, office computers).

You may purchase them from Shop Usask Tech. (ID required)

The CCS accepts faculty/staff cards or a letter from your respective department for identification. The CCS can not offer any technical support for the software included under Campus Agreement. Please contact the IT Service Desk at 966-2222, or Microsoft for any support issues, including product activation.

There is limited support available through the Shop Usask Tech. Please contact the IT Service Desk for more thorough program support.

There are also several support options for you and information on Microsoft support can be obtained at Also at that location is a wealth of free support solutions such as a FAQ section, an on-line troubleshooter and e-mail response services.

Licenses obtained under Campus Agreement are valid only while you are an active faculty or staff member in a department that is covered by the agreement. If for any reason you are no longer covered by the agreement, you must cease using any software that was obtained under Campus Agreement usage rights, and uninstall all copies of this software. Failure to do so will result in you taking personal responsibility for the licenses being used out of compliance.