Departmental Creative Cloud Subscriptions Information

IT Aquisitions offers educationally priced subscriptions of Adobe software for departmental use. Device licensing is sold on a per-computer basis while Named licenses are linked to an individual Adobe ID.

Please note that the University of Saskatchewan is in month 1 of the Creative Cloud Subscription (renewal date June 1, 2019).

All departmental Adobe Creative Cloud subscription require a CFOAPAL to order, and these are non-refundable once ordered. Each subscription is individually based, but the seat can be reassigned at a later date.

Adobe CC Complete Subscription

  • Access to all or a single Creative Cloud application(s)
  • 100GB Cloud Storage.
  • Work at home rights.
  • 2 sessions per seat/year to Adobe Expert Services.
  • Access to online services like Typekit, Behance ProSite and more.

Adobe CC Complete Device Subscription

  • Access to all or a single Creative Cloud application(s).
  • Access for multiple users on a single computer.
  • Software appropriate for a lab setting.